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Musings with Jo Ann

Horses are running—both of them.

The Facts:   Stay Alert runs tonight—4 th race—4 th hole—and unless that is lucky, he truly is a long shot;   Cape Town Bay runs Saturday night—3 rd race—4 th hole—and he just might hit the board.

Color Commentary:   Stay Alert–Hmm—underperforming three year olds who have somehow managed to win three races eventually have to run against underperforming older horses who may be just as slow, too, but who appear to be wiser.   And the odds makers appear wiser (and more sober) this time, too, properly noting that he came in last his last time out.    Maybe tonight he will stay alert; maybe our treating his knee will help; maybe his new jockey will have better luck—since our trainer has put his regular jockey on a different horse in the same race (another hmm); maybe all those other horses who beat us last time and are back in this race will all have bad days; maybe I’ll be prettier tomorrow.   I’d forsake the last in order for any of the other statements to be true.   We’ll see, huh?   I am going to bet for all my bettors because I wouldn’t want Stay Alert to learn that we didn’t have enough faith in him to bet $2 across.   Maybe that will help.   Maybe St. Frances of Assisi, God, Eddie, the priest, and Mom and Dad will help get all the stars aligned—and make me feel bad that I questioned Stay Alert’s ability to beat these other horses—and their ability to make things happen.   Maybe.   That’s the beauty of $5,000 claiming races:   while one’s horse may look overmatched, with all the right people on your side, who knows?   Somebody’s horse has to win—why not mine?

Which brings us to Cape Town Bay, who, because he has only won once, is still running against other horses who have only won once.   So, since somebody has to win, there is some chance he might just hit the board.   It looks like there are a couple of ringers in this race who, if they run the way they have in the past, should come in ahead of the Bay.   But he is legit for third.   And maybe he’ll win—miracles do happen; the Bay may have finally figured it out; the above miracle workers may smile on us twice; I may be prettier tomorrow.   Once again, I’d sacrifice the last for any of the former statements to be true!   And some question whether I love my horses!

So stayed tune. Who knows, I may be hanging two more Winner Circle pictures next week.   Trust me, if that happens, you’ll hear about it!

Jo Ann

P.S.   If you are receiving my Horse Alerts and have decided it was a mistake to be on this list or are clueless about why you are getting these, let me know—I’ll take you off.   I will wonder what is the matter with you, but my feelings won’t be hurt—for long.