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Hope And Miracles, They Spring Eternal

The good news is—we haven’t used up our “seeing the Pope” miracle.  The bad news is—Stay Alert came in second last, 34 lengths behind.  At least he didn’t come in 5th some eight lengths behind.  That would have made us wonder what to do next.  Coming in a decisive 34 lengths behind has made it easy for us to decide to retire Stay Alert, along with Cape Town Bay.  Yes, if you are counting, we have retired two horses in two weeks.  Apparently that allows me to focus all my energies on our beautiful two year old, Dunraven Pass, who is  in layup recovering from a broken leg.  While the whole broken leg issue will clearly make it more difficult for Dunraven Pass to be next year’s Triple Crown Winner, just think what a great book I’ll get to write when he pulls it off.  Now you know why I’m happy that we have that “seeing the Pope” miracle still available!

Lest you think life is hard, Stay Alert and Cape Town Bay collectively won four races for us in 2010—which would be four more than we won in all of 2009.  They also hit the board four times for us in 2010—three more times than we hit the board in 2009.  I would have liked if they could have remained competitive for the balance of 2010 while we waited for Dunraven Pass to run, but it was fun watching them run faster than the other slow horses they ran against while it lasted.  In the meantime, Dunraven Pass’ condylar fracture (layman’s definition:  broken leg) has healed, the screws have been removed, and as of last Monday, he has graduated to the paddock.  In another week or so, he’ll be back on the track.  Since I won’t have much else to write about, I’ll let you know when that happens!  So that you know what a two year old with a newly healed leg looks like, I’ve attached a picture.  And yes, I have more if you want to see more.

 There is more good news.  The book, “ROSE COLORED HORSES – A Year in the Life of a Crazed Horsewoman” is done and in line at the publisher’s office.  I think it will be out in February—in time for all the buzz around the three year olds in the hunt for the Triple Crown.  For those who asked if it would be available for Christmas, I can send you a picture of a horse and you can attach an IOU that says “Coming Soon—‘ROSE COLORED HORSES.’ “ Let me know if you need anything else from me!

 Until either Dunraven Pass does something of merit—or I have book news—take care.  Thanks for your interest.  You make it more fun!

 Jo Ann

Stay Alert–Really?

Yes, Stay Alert is running; no, Cape Town Bay is not—and really didn’t run much on Saturday either.  So, let’s focus on the positive first.

Stay Alert runs tonight, Penn National, 6th race, 10th hole out of 12, a mile distance.  This is the first time Stay Alert will attempt to run this distance.  We’ll know by 9:00 tonight whether he can hang with a bunch of pretty slow, but older horses, for a mile—or not.  It perhaps will feel like a miracle if he can—but since I’ve seen the Pope since Stay Alert last ran, anything is possible.  Of course, that was true about Cape Town Bay—who came in fifth and is now being given away to a horse adoption agency.  And truth be told, if I can only hope for one miracle, I’d rather spend it on Dunraven Pass—our two year old in layup recovering from a broken leg.  There is still hope that he can actually run fast—once that leg is all healed, of course.  If nothing else, you are now caught up on our horses!  For your viewing pleasure–and if I can figure it out, I’m going to attach a picture of Stay Alert winning at six furlongs.  Hopefully I’ll be attaching more in the future!

For those who bet on our horses – Stay Alert’s odds will be very long.  He is as likely to come in first as he is last.  For my betting pool, we’re going to go wild again–$2 across!  What the hey, if we don’t believe, who will?  With luck, I’ll have reason to update the website by noon tomorrow.  Keep the faith!