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Archive for December, 2010

A Horse–Of Course!

Yes, we still have a horse.  With the broken leg presumably all healed—and two of the three screws removed, Dunraven Pass has graduated from running around in circles in a paddock to running in circles in an indoor arena to – when it isn’t freezing outside –running uphill outside on polytrack.  I’ve posted pictures of him running in circles in the paddock and running uphill outside.  Yes, he’s beautiful, but beauty only goes so far.  Yes, my patience is fried—but will likely be broiled before he gets to run in his first race—maybe February, maybe March.  I’m on page 32 of the book I’m writing about what it is like to own a Triple Crown winner.  Yes, at this point he is quite a long shot—but if I don’t believe, who will?   Yes, he would be the first horse to win the Triple Crown after not running at all as a two year old.  Yes, Walter and Ken think I’m crazy; however, hope, it springs eternal—doesn’t it?

 Yes, my book “Rose Colored Horses” is still in line at the publishers.  I think now it will come out about the same time Dunraven Pass wins his first stakes race—maybe March, maybe April.  Once again, hope springs eternal—I hope!

 I also hope that all of you and yours have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or a Happy Holiday season (that should catch it all, shouldn’t it?) and – a very good New Year.  Till our paths pass literally or virtually, take care!