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Hope Springs Eternal–Of Course

We still have a horse!  Dunraven Pass had his first official published three furlong breeze yesterday.  While to some this may be a small milestone, to the owner of a horse that broke his leg six months ago, it is a deal!  In reality, Walter only “breezed” him for two furlongs with the jockey “galloping” him out for the third furlong.  But the track clocker apparently did not know that—and therefore clocked the full workout and published it as a three furlong breeze.  So, his time looked a little slow.  But who cares–it was fun to see our horse’s name in print for the first time.  Therefore, in celebration of this baby step, I’ve posted a new picture here and likely will note it on Facebook.  Maybe I will even Tweet and put something out on the blog:   http://jheppermann.blogspot.com .  Dunraven Pass’ fans want to know!  FYI, Dunraven Pass is the inside horse with the long white star on his face.  Yes, it looks like he is ahead–of course.

 The other good news—“Rose Colored Horses” has made it to the front of the line at Butler Books, the publishing house that is publishing it.  If all goes right, it is on schedule to come out late March or early April, maybe about the same time Dunraven Pass wins his first race!  Yes, those of you on Face Book already know that I have set up a page on Face Book called “Roses Colored Horses” (clever, huh?) with a really cool picture of Dunraven Pass’ eye.  If you look closely, you can see Ken’s and my reflection in his eye.  We think that means that he is destined to be a really good horse.  At least that is our story and we’re sticking with it.  I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to do with that page—but it fun noting the folks who have already found it.  Maybe I’ll put something out there, too.

 Have no fear—when Dunraven Pass runs, you’ll know.  When the book comes out, you’ll know.  If anything of merit happens in between, I’ll tell you that, too.  Until then, be well, stay warm and take care.

 Jo Ann