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And Then, Maybe Not!

Often times I wondered how awful it must be for an owner whose horse is scratched right before he goes into the gate.  I don’t have to wonder any more.  And yes, it is awful!  But he looked good!  We are still scratching our heads over what happened.  Basically, one of the state vets thought he was lame and scratched him as he made his way into the gate. Dunraven Pass is actually quite a smart horse–he doesn’t expend one more ounce of energy than what is required to lumber his way around the barn–or into the gate.  Once he is turned loose, he is a thing of beauty to watch, but it is almost comical to watch him walk back and forth to the track.  Unfortunately, one of the three state vets didn’t buy it–and pulled the plug.  Walter is working to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  Hopefully we’ll be in another race real soon as he is ready!!

I suppose the postive spin on all of this is–Dunraven Pass remains unbeaten.  And think how all this will play out in the next book–and movie!! 

And thanks to all of you who bought a book!  The good news–there are still books available.  Click on the tab called Rose Colored Horses and read all about it!  For the really interested, listen for me on HRTV — the 24 hour racing channel — at 1:00 Wednesday.  What a deal!  If you would like to be put on the Horse Alert list–where I have new pictures–sign up to subscribe for the Newsletter.  Yes, I’ve gone high tech!

Soon I’ll be in touch about Dunraven Pass’ next “first race.”  Till then, take care!

A Horse Is Running and a Book is Born!

Dunraven Pass is running–Saturday, April 23; Keeneland; 10th Race, 11th hole out of 12; Corie Lanerie aboard!

Yes, this is the horse that broke his leg!  Will wonders ever cease?  We’ll know more tomorrow!  To get the full scoop, subscribe to receive our newsletter.  Yes, I’ve gone high tech!

And there is more!  The book is here!  “Rose Colored Horses–A Year in the Life of a Crazed Horsewoman” even has its own tab!  Click on it to read about the book–and if you want, even buy it.  What a deal!

With luck, I’ll have a victory to report by Easter Sunday!

Yes, it is great to be back in the saddle again.  It is time!