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Dunraven Pass–And Maybe More?

The bandaged leg

Down the Stretch

Dunraven Pass is resting comfortably in his stall.  How dull is that?  I have included a picture of his bandaged leg.  I still like the one of him passing other horses, so it is here, too. We’re are three weeks down, five to go, before he goes out in the round pen for thirty days.  Yawn.  Since that kind of news will put even me to sleep, we’ve decided we need to look harder for a two year old.  If there are enough interested folks, just maybe pictures of some “diamond in the rough” will be in the next post!   I’m thinking that we have paid all our dues related to broken legs and other maladies; so the next horse we buy just may be the one!  Have I mentioned lately that hope springs eternal?!  If you think now is the time to take that leap of faith, let me know–like today or tomorrow.  If there is enough interest, we’ll look harder. 

And there are still books available!   There are things in the works that you may be interested in. In Louisville, the plans include a signing at J. Harrords in conjunction with and a portion of the proceeds going to a wonderful local horse adoption group located here.  For the Missouri family contingent, you should have heard about the dates of the Missouri book tour.  In August, we will be in Keenebunkport, and in route to K’port, we’re going through Saratoga where there is something in the works.  If you want to know more about any of these, let me know.  If you just want to order the book through the web, that works too. Click on the book link or go directly to www.rosecoloredhorses.com.  If you have read the book and liked it, feel free to tell all your friends.  Thanks to those of you who said nice things on Face Book–yes, some of your friends are buying books!!  Thanks to those of you who said nice things on Linkedin–yes, some of your connections are buying books!!  And thanks to those of you for saying nice things on the website.  For those who didn’t like it, thanks for suffering in silence!!     
Yes, it is kind of hard to be excited when one’s only horse has a broken leg, but I’ll keep working at it!  And who knows, we may find another horse!  We may win the lottery!  Regardless, until next time, be well, keep the faith–and read a good book!

A Dash of Reality

Dunraven Pass–A Dose of Reality  Take another look at the pictures below from Dunraven Pass’ race on May 4th.  It will be a while before we see another one of him overtaking other horses.  After finishing a brilliant four furlong breeze Saturday morning, he came off the track limping.  What do you think the chances are that a horse will break his right front leg in July and his left front leg the following May?  In the Heppermann barn, apparently the changes are 100 percent.  Really.  Yuck.  Darn.  Shoot.  No, these aren’t really any of the words I’m thinking–but at least they’ll get through the spam filters.  Yes, we were quite glum over the weekend, with my pity party in full bloom still this morning.  And then, as is always the case, I got over it.  First, there is some good news.  The break was a condylar fracture–just like the first one.  So, with the help of four screws and a couple of months of stall rest, he’ll be fine again.  Second, when we went out to see him today, he wanted out of his stall so he could run.  I explained to him that he if would stop breaking his freaking legs, he would get to spend more time racing and less lollygagging.  He appeared to listen and understand. But most importantly, one of you helped me put my life in perspective and at the same time helped me rediscover my optimism and good cheer.

 I received an e-mail late this morning from someone that had just signed up to receive my horse alerts. Jen, a delightful thirty something young woman whom I had met during one of my book signings during Derby week, had just finished the book and she thanked me for making her laugh.  She told me how she looked forward to owning horses with us in the future–once she wins her battle against breast cancer. Jen, I would be honored and look forward to that day as well.  And I’d ask those of you reading this to remember Jen in your thoughts and prayers and to cheer for her as you have cheered for my horses.  Thank you, Jen, for helping me find my smile again.


I want to welcome the 8 new folks who have signed up to receive my Horse Alerts. Yes, I think it kind of sucks that your first Alert is one that says that the horse we’re following broke his leg.  But, just think how fun this story will be to tell when Dunraven Pass wins “Older Horse of the Year” next year.  Who says hope doesn’t spring eternal! My guess is that it may be a while before you hear from me again.  In the meantime, be well, keep the faith–and read a good book!