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Horses, Rose-Colored and Otherwise!

Dunraven Pass–He Is Out!


Yes, Dunraven Pass has moved on to phase two of his recovery program–running around in the paddock or round pen. He appears to be good at it.  If we are lucky, he’ll be in the paddock for another month, after which we get to move on to phase three–back into training to win that first race!  I’ve added a shot here of him posing in the paddock and one of him and Walter on the way back to the barn where it is cooler and there are fewer flies.  Yes, he leads a pampered life.  Lest we forget how good he looks doing what he is supposed to be doing, I’m going to keep the picture of him coming down the track passing other horses in the top spot.  He is pretty, isn’t he?   I’m thinking he looks like the leading candidate for “Older Horse of the Year, 2012″!  Who says that hope doesn’t spring eternal?!!  

DRP and Walter

Back to Barn

DRP in the Paddock
Posing in the Paddock
We have decided that we are going to wait until the Keeneland Yearling Sales to look for a horse that is worthy of us and Walter. If you want to be a part of that group, let me know.  As one of my marketing friends always reminds me–and tells me to remind you:  You can’t win if you don’t play!  
And yes, there are still books available, with a book signing on Wednesday, July 27 at J. Harrods.  Click on the July 11 entry for all the details.  Come join us!

When Your Horse Has a Broken Leg, You Hawk Your Book Instead!

Dunraven Pass is resting comfortably in his stall–so let’s talk “Rose Colored Horses–A Year in the Life of a Crazed Horsewoman”!  There is a local booksigning on Wednesday, July 27 at J. Harrods in Prospect, Kentucky.  In addition to signing books, Kim Smith with Second Stride will be there to answer questions–and collect 15 percent of each book sale!  Second Stride is a horse adoption agency in the Kentuckiana area that retrains Thoroughbred horses and helps them find new homes after that last turn for home.  A copy of the invitation is printed below.  Come join us!!

Greet, Graze