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Dunraven Pass–We’re Almost There!

DRP w Walter

DRP w Walter

Dunraven Pass has been given a clean bill of health!  Yes, it is four screws and ninety days later–but come September 29, this boy is back at it!  I’ve attached pictures of DRP doing what he likes best–eating and posing for pictures with Walter.  They both look good, don’t they?  And while waiting for DRP to get back on the track, we are going to be out buying yearlings–and selling books.  I’m thinking our time for both has come.  Be sure to click on the “Rose Colored Horses” tab to learn more about the book.  If you’d like me to visit your book club, speak at your Rotary or Lion’s Club meeting or otherwise show up wherever, let’s talk!  If you have already read the book, like it–and feel really bold, feel free to comment on the “Rose Colored Horses” page.  Yes, we authors are needy people!