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Archive for September, 2011

Horses Run Amok!

Sometimes all the news is just plain good.  Dunraven Pass is back in training as of Monday.  He is running in circles–but it is a start.  And now he has stable mates, one of whom is a full brother!  Sometimes even I just let the horses do the talking!

The first horse is  a Lion Heart Colt; the second one is a full brother to Dunraven Pass and the third horse is a Badge of Silver Colt.  Yes, the Lion Heart Colt and DRP’s baby brother look alike–and both look like DRP.  Thank heavens the Badge of Silver Colt is almost black.  Hopefully some time next week they will all have names.  We are beyond excited.  And, of course, looking through my rose-colored glasses, they are all Derby hopefuls for 2013!  It must be time to pick up where I left off on that second book.  Hope–it truly does spring eternal!