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Archive for October, 2011

Because Some Pictures Are Too Good Not to Share

Today, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

  Unbridled Logic in the Stall–and because he was behaving, in the paddock; and Foot Patrol

  and Schiller’s Pass playing and eating together.  How cool is this?

So as not to be outdone, Dunraven Pass: 

Cool.  Hope Springs Eternal!

Everyone Has a Name!

The babies have been named; Dunraven Pass is back in training; and the babies are “mentally capable of being trained”!  Who says hope doesn’t spring eternal?  DRP is delighted to be back in training because it means he gets to eat more.  He loves Walter accordingly.  DRP and WalterAnd the babies are slowly but surely learning how to run in ovals.  All of them like having a rider atop and behave while that rider is there.  Unbridled Logic, the Lion Heart colt, is pressing his luck by generally misbehaving at all other times.  When I told him Unbridled Logic Sleepingthat only the best horses get to act unruly, he kicked the wall. That said, he looks very peaceful while sleeping.  Here’s hoping he is still a colt by the time he wins his first race!  The other two babies, Foot Patrol(the Badge of Silver colt, left picture below) and Schiller’s Pass (Artie Schiller colt, right picture below) are very well behaved–and in fact hang out together in the same paddock for most of the day–while Unbridled Logic misbehaves alone in the round pen (center picture below).  Boys!  Eventually I hope to get pictures of all them winning their first race.  Until that happens, here they are in their respective paddocks before they started hanging out together.   

Foot Patrol in the PaddockShiller's Pass Mugging

Unbridled Logic running

And so, on October 20, 2011, all four are healthy, happy and running in ovals.  I’m going to celebrate–Cheers!