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Archive for December, 2011

Horses–They Are a Good Thing!

The babies are running in circles; Dunraven Pass is training for real; the human owners are impatiently waiting for all of them to earn their keep.  In the meantime, this owner is hawking a book!  Babies running in circles make for boring pictures.  In the latest Horse Alert, there are pictures of Foot Patrol listening attentively to his “Financial and Social Obligation” talk–Part 1, notwithstanding my bad hat hair issues, and of Unbridled Logic looking at me with devil eyes; Schiller’s Pass wouldn’t even look at me!  But DRP–he posed for a picture after his work out–well, at least he let us take a picture while he ate!  And we have videos of him actually running on the track!  Click on the “Rose Colored Horses” tab, then the YouTube tab to see riveting footage!  For your own copy of the Horse Alert, sign up as a subscriber; for a book–go right back to that “Rose Colored Horses” tab–and buy as many as you like–I deliver locally; ship otherwise!  Till later, have a wonderful Christmas holiday.  And if you have horses running, good luck!!