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Archive for March, 2012

Hope Still Springs Eternal

Okay, so Dunraven Pass came in third after spotting the rest of the field six lengths.  He now understands going left, then right and then straight is a bad idea–always.  He also now knows that he doesn’t get his picture taken when he does stupid things.  But his stable mates–they do get their picture taken–again and again!  Schiller’s Pass first poses on his way out to the track–and if you hit the “more” button, you’ll see him and his stablemates trucking on the track!


We’re Running Again

Holy Cow–we’re running–two months in a row!  And Dunraven Pass didn’t break a leg in between.  It must be a good omen.  With luck, the next post will start with “Holy Moley Cow.”  Here’s hoping!  In the meantime, here’s the most recent picture of DRP, followed by some new pictures of the babies.  And yes, under the Rose Colored Horses tab, there are new videos.  Some would say they look the same.  Who cares? 

DRP Working OutAnd here are the babies. This first picture is Foot Patrol and Unbridled Logic working out together:Unbridled Logic and Foot Patrol Coming

The second picture is Schiller’s Pass just gliding down the track.
Schiller’s Pass Gliding Again

Yes, they look great!  Till next time. . .take care!