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The Rest of the Story

We are now down to one horse in training–Foot Patrol.  We gave one away; Unbridled Logic was claimed; Dunraven Pass is being given four months off.  All our eggs are in Foot Patrol’s basket. So, what’s left to say other than:  You go, big boy!

Unbridled Logic–It is Time!

Since updating this post, two horses have run; two horses have not hit the board.  Unbridled Logic tried; schiller’s pass didn’t.  So, schiller’s pass, forever unworthy of capital letters,  has been given away and will loaf the rest of his life; Unbridled Logic gets to keep trying.  Hmm.  Hopefully Unbridled Logic actually has some work ethic and will take pride in having his picture on the web–and his name capitalized. If not, we are toast. But, here’s the deal:  Unbridled Logic is running on Sunday, November 11. 

Unbridled Logic Working Out

He is still in our good graces–so he gets his picture in this post.  It is a little picture since a 5th place finish doesn’t merit a big picture.  If he does better on Sunday, he’ll get a bigger picture.  If he wins, other than saying “Holy Moley Cow,” I’ll let the picture do the talking!